Carving accuracy issues

Hi guys, im new to the x-carve and carving in general. ive had the 1000mm xcarve for a few months now and have had a few success but currently im having an issue when i cut a shape out such as a square. usually 2 of the four edges have a line going thru it. almost as if the bit starts bending in certain areas. ive provide pictures.

this side has clean edge
this one doesnt

same thing with this one

i have read thru the forums in search for answers and have made adjustments from tightening the belts correctly, making sure all nuts and bolts are tight, adjusting the v wheels properly but nothing i do seems to work.i have noticed that there is some play on the spindle mount. when i move it side to side you can see the v wheel bearing pop out slightly. there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust them other than tightening the bolts which i have done. this issue also seems to happen with any material is use (acrylic both cast and extruded, pvc, aluminum composite, etc.). aside from this issue i also noticed that when creating multiple of the same shapes at once they do not come out the same size which doesn’t make sense to me. any help would be appreciated.

Also, is the bit true perpendicular to the waste board?

You can cut the exteriour of the design ever so slightly oversized and then run a seperate finish pass, in full depth to clean up the edge. (This is curing the symptom, not the disease)

@HaldorLonningdal As far as i can tell it is perpendicular to the waste board. ive used a square ruler to check. @PhilJohnson is there a step by step on how to fix step lose for beginners? the only program i use is easel. not sure if that makes a difference.

If loosing steps is the issue the reason can be a multitude of things, or a combination of several minor issues.

What controller do you use / what motors?

i bought it this year. came with DeWalt 611, X-Controller, NEMA 23 1000MM KIT

This is a video of the wiggle in the spindle mount Imentioned earlier.

This is my current setup which i think matches those images.

ok thanks. any other possible tip or help? still having the same issues.