Carving air

I am using V-carve desktop and I am trying to carve some text, I set the router cutter height using the probe supplied by Inventables, but when I click carve the router moves to the start position but raises gradually as it does so, and then starts carving air about 1/2 inch above the work, I have checked all the settings and can’t find what is wrong, it was working fine

Thank you Robert, but I am new to this and don’t yet know how to do screen shots

If you have a mobile phone, take a picture of your screen and upload it here.

I had this problem just before I ditched the standard z axis. I noticed when cutting nearer the top of the Z travel the delrin nut would start to bind.

I hadn’t had that problem before (ran the acme rod in a drill a few times when assembling to break it in), but for months I had been cutting lower height stuff. I always clean the machine off thoroughly and check bolts etc regularly.

Anyway, long story short I was losing steps after the bit would retract to safety height, as it wasn’t going back down as far as it should have. So every retract to safety raised the bit higher and higher.

Edit - Thinking back to when I first got my machine going I had the same problem but it would randomly gain or lose height. It turned out I had the two bolts into the delrin nut a tiny bit too tight. Back them off so they were just nipped up solved it

Thank’s Phil for the computer lesson, I have the snipping tool and it was easy to use so I will do some screen shots when I get to the workshop

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Thank’s Tim, I will check all of what you said this morning, I am waiting for the new linear actuator to be delivered, it should be here Today, so I will replace the standard Z axis, I will post some screen shots of the material and toolpath settings later when I am in the workshop

Thank you all for your help, I have found out what was wrong (me) I had the software set to zero at the bottom of the material and was zeroing the machine from the top, sorry, I feel such a fool now, I have a lot to learn

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