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Good day to you,
Please advise where can I find the Xploder app and inlay app. for Easel Pro.

John A

When the screen shows up on Easel over to the left side there are 7 icons it would be the one right below :grinning:this guy.


I can create the rectangles easily enough. and I can draw the line drawing of a circle but there appears to be no means of trimming the unwanted cut line using the shapes function does not allow me to form a 1/4 circle line connecting with the straight lines at the corners.

Easel dont support a “trim tool” often found in CAD-programs.
You can make a 1/4" circle by draw a full circle, then “block” out the unwanted 3/4ths by rectangles set to zero depth. When they are combined with the circle they are subtraced.

Hello Haldor,
thank you very much for the instruction on creating 1/4 circles. I am not sure about combining the circle and the zero depth rectangles though.

OK I have applied a bit more thought and figured out the ‘blanking’.
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John Attwell

When you have selected two or more objects and right-click them you’ll have a Combine-option available. Think “Grouping”. You can not however Combine and “de-group” into the original state.

Where can I find a puzzle chair dxf file

It is definately a good advice.Thanks for the elaborated information.However, I have another query regarding the Arlo Q.My Arlo Q is not accepting to connect with Alexa and Google wifi.I have tried out for the factory resetting as mentioned in arlo app for pc . It doesnt seem to work.Does anybody have any recommendations or explanatory solutions or tips to get rid of this discrepancies?