Carving bit details

Hello all,

I purchased an X-Carve, with VCarve Proi. I’m working through the tutorials for Easel and VCarve Pro, and thought I’d spend some time setting up the tool database with the bits I ordered with my machine, but I’m having trouble finding even the most basic info on the tools.

For instance, I am trying to create a tool for the 1/8 inch straight end mill:

The only thing this page seems to be able to answer for me is the tool type and diameter. What I am looking for is additional information such as the suggested, or default pass depth, step over, feed rate, spindle speed, and plunge depth. Where can I find out, or figure out this additional information? I know this has probably answered a thousand times over, but being such a neophyte with CNC, I don’t even know what keywords to search on the site to find this info.

Thanks in advance for those willing to chime in and help me out!

These are settings you will make based on the material you are working with. Different materials require different feeds and speeds.

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Thanks JDM,

I understand that there are different settings needed based on material type, but there must be some basic “default” values I can plug in to my tool database? In one of the Vectric tutorial videos, the narrator suggested that these values were provided by the tool manufacturer, based upon the material and purpose of the tool.

Thanks Robert,

My ask was “where should I be reading?” :slight_smile:

I don’t have much experience with Vectric, but the software I have used only takes the physical properties of the tool in the library. Feeds and speeds are specified elsewhere.

Hopefully a Vectric guy can chime in.

Do you know if Vectric has a demo? I could jump in and take a look.

Vectric does have a demo on their website here:

What I’m really looking for is not necessarily to be fed this information, but good methods or sources where I can figure out this info for myself.

Bottom Line Up Front: There is no real easy or definitive answer to your question except “make the Search feature your best friend before asking questions that likely have been discussed or asked many many times”…

You really have to use the “Search” feature of the forum for speeds and feed rates.
The Search feature is your friend (and probably your best route) when it comes to that information.
The reason for this is that many of us use what we have tested and found provides “acceptable” results for what we are doing with our machines… Feed rate/Speed information tends to be very subjective due to that fact that not everyone has the same opinion of what “Acceptable Results” are. A lot of my tool library information is based on trial and error and I’m willing to be that is the case for most CNC users.

Key words to enter in search

“Feeds and speeds” in the search box at the top should bring up a good bit of reading for you.