Carving cgi characters

I have been having fun posing models in DAZ 3d and then carving them this is a take off on Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Each figure is in a 7"X7" pocket. I used a 1/8 inch 10 degree carbide “runner” bit (from Harvey tool) with a 0.020 radius ball point.


Great job, those look great :slight_smile:

What was the run time?

Very nice work. Tell us more details. Was the runner bit used to cut all the initial waste area too? Dewalt router? What type of wood. Feed and speed please :grinning:

I use the 300 dc spindle. This was done in poplar, it cuts smoothly, is relatively cheap, the grain is not usually prominent and it takes stain very nicely. Box wood is good too but it tends to leave a lot of little wood fiber threads. As for speeds and feeds 40 in/min 12,500 rpm (max for the spindle)

process was:

pose character in DAZ 3d, export as .obj file to 3d builder (part of windows 10)

In 3 d builder, set sizes, remove back half of character, set z’s separately from x/y, save as stl.

start new project in v-carve pro, import stl file. size for project, establish boundary of model as a vector, draw box around project. create pocket tool path for area between model and box, create fluting tool path for circle and square. set up roughing and then finish tool paths for model.

roughing and pocket toolpath done with 1/4 end mill - time about 45 minutes
fluting and finish toolpaths done with 10 degree .020 radius runner bit- time about 1 hour.
the runner bit is designed for creating pathways for molten metal and plastic in molds

I tried to do this as one project using a 1/4 ball mill bit for roughing and finishing with the runner, but my time was in excess of 7 hours, then it dawned on me that I was spending a lot of time cutting very fine lines in an area that should be flat so I tried the boundary vector/pocket path and model boundary for the man which reduced my time tremendously.

Thanks Richard. The addt info is a huge help in understanding your process.