Carving coins

how do you clamp/secure a penny to carve it? hot glue? @StephenCook?

I would try Scotch® Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, that should hold it

you can use a strong adhesive then peel it off afterword

@ShaneBell has some posts about coin cutting. Try his user name as a search term.

As Phil said A pocket in a scrap of mdf I used to use super glue but there were a few times that the heat generated would melt the super glue.

Similar to the MDF, I created a jig with my 3D printer. I you have access to one they are quite easy to model and print.

Have any pictures of the jig?
I’m working on several peaces for a bike show coming up and the closest 3d printer is at the college and the wait list is pretty long.

If not, no biggie. Thanks in advance.

pretty sure that’s not @PhilJohnson tested or approved

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Can anyone recommend a depth for the whole? Should the coin be flush with the surface, or should the pocket be some multiple of the thickness of coin.

Regarding extraction have you had any luck with a slot from the side, or a hole-through?

I think I’m going to try this technique.

This guy has an custom aluminum clamp.


This is a great idea. You could create one of these and use bolts to clamp it tight.
This block is too thick for my machine as Its stock Z height.

Here is what I created using Tinkercad:

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Thanks for sharing. I’m guessing the square is just large enough to fit a coin into, center hole for homing the machine.
Nice work. I’ve got to stop looking at these projects, My list is getting more expensive than my machine cost me. lol

I’ve been watching a few mod videos on youtube. Really likeing the x-axis mod that gives you about 5+ inches of z-height.
Looks like the whole x carriage and gantry has to be replaced though. So it will be a while before I can get it done.
Still saving up for the stiffer gantry myself.

I was using a flat stock piece of aluminum cut into 2" squares. The center could be changed to a recessed round hole for coins that are round already. Actually the center hole was one method I thought of for removing the milled aluminum. Tolerances were very tight on my first go round that I couldn’t get the aluminum out :slight_smile: Then, I settled on the cut-outs on the side so I could use the end of a screwdriver to pop it out without having to remove the jig. Great idea on the center hole, I’m used to lower left homing. Makes sense for the center; Didn’t even occur to me.

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Glad I could give you an extra idea to play with. I don’t have homing switches on my machine, so I do a lot of center homed work. In easel you can goto the “Shape” tab when choosing cut depth, then click on the middle circle of the 5 dots by the location, then set location to 0,0 and it will center your work on the home axis.

I think your jig would come in handy for some double sided spinner projects I have in mind.
Thanks again for sharing. learning a lot from everyone on here.

If time is not a concern, let me know and I would be happy to help you out.

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