Carving errors with too many pages under a project

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has any insight on a potential problem I am encountering with Easel and using multiple pages under one project. Note: I’m not sure of the correct term for the pages under the main work area on Easel, so I am referring to them as pages for this post. Long story short, I believe when you have too many pages under one project (more than about 3 or 4) , Easel messes up carves. I just had it happen tonight where I was carving a wall mounted bottle opener. I had one page to cut out the shape of the bottle opener (a large rectangle) out of a piece of maple using a 1/8 bit. I had a second page to carve out an american flag using a 90 degree v carve bit, and I had a third page to carve out the recesses for the magnets on the back of the bottle opener again using a 1/8 bit. The first two carves went well. When I flipped over the piece to cut the receses, the depth of cut was all wrong. I had specified 1/4 inch deep for the small magets I use to mount to a fridge, and a 3/4 inch hole for the large magnet that acts to catch the bottle caps. The small holes wound up carving more of an oval shape, the large hole went right through the piece, and the bit dragged a trench all over the work piece. I use a z probe in case that matters. I am fairly good with the machine and understand when I mess up the physical setup or easel, but this was all set right and still failed. I feel like I have encountered this problem before with inlays. When I have too many pages, for example one page to cut out the cutting board, one page to v carve in a symbol, a third page to cut the inlay pocket and a fourth page to cut the actual inlay, sometimes the inlays turn out poorly. When I usually have to open a totally seperate project to do the inlay with only two pages (pocket and inlay). Thanks all!

Can you share the Easel Project?

So just to clarify. Did you use the Z probe between each different part of the carve?

Im almost inclined to say that your bit slipped down from the collet after your carve started.

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HI @SalvatoreCandela,
Could you please share the project with us? If you don’t want to post it on a public thread send me a private message with the project link. We will investigate what is happening with the carves.

Here is the project. I wouldn’t be suprised if the error was on my end. I did use the z probe during each stage of the carve. I didnt think about the bit slipping. It was still in the spindle pretty well at the end of the carve, but perhaps it did slip a little.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Under the project page make sure to share it publicly.

…and if in doubt how, copy URL first and click Save. Then publish that link here :slight_smile:

Hi @SalvatoreCandela,
We have tested the project and it carved fine for us. No drag marks or uneven shapes.
I have sent you a private message asking for couple more details and with some suggestions where to look for a potential culprit in this erroneous carve.
Let me know if I can assist you any further.

Hi @SalvatoreCandela,

I also took a look at the gcode from your carve on June 19th. The Z coordinates for the diagonals were generated at the safety height (0.15in), and the Z coordinates for the deepest circle were generated down to the depth that shape is set to (0.86111in) as expected. So I think this further confirms the issue as mechanical or zeroing related, and not related to having multiple workpieces in the project.

Thanks so much for all hard work on this carve. I believe that the issue was mechanical as well with the collet droping slightly in the spindle. While the bit was not loose to the touch, I believe it did somehow shift down slighty resulting in the deeper cut for a portion of the carve. Thank you very much for your awesome customer care.

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