Carving eyeglas frame

Hey guys

Had anyone experience with producing / carving frames for glasses?


I made these. I had some scaling issues that I have to work out.


Okay, very nice.

How Do you Do that? Is it carved in one pass?

It looks like its curvy?

Oh, I bought the glasses and carved the baby. Sorry.


ok, I didn’t carve the glasses or the baby. I just posted a funny picture. There, I feel better for being honest.

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a technique that a friend of mine is doing, is to design a jig which matches a desired curve for the frames. carve the jig. Pre-bend wood (laminate multiple thin strips and clamp to the jig to dry). then using that jig, mount the curved blank with double sided tape to it for cutting, maybe some screws threw the eye holes that will be cut out for some security along with the sides.

for the best results, this would need to be done with a program that can cut along a curved profile in 3d. Rhinocam is capable of this along with its host application, visual mill.

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