Carving face shields/PET material


Has anyone of you been doing this inside or outside of the covid 19 projects: making a face shield or anything else for that matter, by carving PET material on the XCarve?
What type of bit did you use and what speed?


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Hi. This is not a laser or a cnc. It is a “cut-out” machine?



Small scale production could easily be set up for the X-Carve. I would suggest using the machine to make a simple vacuum table for holding down thin sheet goods.

I run mine with a shop vac and have extensively cut plastic sheet down to .01 with no problems. Clamping material that thin results in the bit lifting the sheet and making a mess.

@anon68752607 What is the source of materials? Do you have the svg design that you can share. This is fantastic. My son works in ICU and they are reusing PPE constantly.


Here’s the SVG that I use. Note that it is optimised for the laser and my 1000x600mm sheets, so you’ll need to edit some things (close some splines etc) but the design is sound.
I’ll also link the assembly instructions I made. They’re in dutch, but the pics are clear enough.
Material we use is 1mm PET-G. Clips are called JOTA clips, but I’m not sure if they are available overseas. I’m at 150 pieces right now. But I’m part of a community that has made 20000 already!
Anyway, good luck to all and be safe.

instructions.pdf (2.0 MB)

right click the image to download the svg.