Carving from a circle

Is there a way to carve a piece starting with a circle rather than a squared piece?

You need to be a little more specific if you want help. Pictures help a lot too.

I think i understand that you have a circle and want to carve something inside of it. If that is the case just set the work zero in the center of the circle and go.

I’m a newbie but yes, you are correct. I have a circle and want to carve it. If I set home to the center, how does that affect how it carves? Like I’ve only ever set my zero at the bottom left corner and it carves up and over. If I set the zero to the center of the circle, will it carve my whole project? Sorry for my ignorance lol.

Highlight what you want to carve and set the work zero to the center then set the position to 0 and 0. That should move it down to the bottom left had corner. The simulation will show the whole carve when you simulate it. image


Ok. I will give that a try! Thank you!

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@WayneHall beat me to it … This is pretty much the method that everyone will give you. :slight_smile:

Here is a piece that I made for my daughter using this technique; the circular part. The flowers & butterflies on the edge is a separate piece that is pegged into the edge of the circular piece.


Brandon Parker


To OP - Note that Easel always assume work zero is at the XY0 point of the Easel grid layout.
Work zero can be anywhere reachable by the machine.

So if your material is aligned exactly as Easel depicts it relative to XY0 thats how it will be carved :slight_smile: Default is work zero at bottom left and design in Easel upper right.
If you want to set work zero at material center the design center must also be centered over XY0 Easel grid.