Carving going from green to blue

I’ve replaced the usb cable, reinstalled the drivers, ran seperate outlets to the controller, router and even the shop vac… It works for a little bit then stops what it’s doing and returns to XY home. Been going on for a while. Not sure what else to do. I’ve had the machine for 2 years.

Can you share a picture of your setup?

Also, just because you are on a separate outlet does not stop harmonics from coming back through especially if all of the outlets are on the same leg of the split phase (America …). Even if you are on the other leg of the split phase major harmonics can still make their way back into the the other leg through the transformer that supplies your home/shop.


Brandon Parker

Separate outlets and seperate breakers…

Have you inspected the router brushes?

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Ok, but are the breakers next to one another (i.e. one right above the other)? That would place the two 120Vac American household outlets on separate sides of the split.

Notice how each side of the split is set up…

If you are already aware of how split-phase works then that is great, but the majority of people have no clue about their household electrical system. I’m just posting this for informational & troubleshooting purposes.


Brandon Parker

Router Brushes have been replaced. This issue has been occurring for a while. Now my touch plate won’t show connectivity