Carving help!

Hi all I’m looking to carve images and lettering on the butt stocks of guns but am curious on how to go about compensating for the curve on the stock any tips?

I was just reading another topic started 2 hours ago that should help you…

You basically have two ways to do this:

1 - Model the butt stock in 3D and make an engraving pattern to it.
2 - Probe the actual butt stock to create a 3D height map. Require a touch probe and software (*).

Easel will not do any of these, it will require additional software like Fusion360 and others.
I dont have experience with butt stock engraving so can not comment much furter.

    • Chilipeppr can create height map, it is commonly used in PCB making so searching youtube for PCB height map might give som clues.

I have used Bcnc for height map and it works great. you set the spacing for the touch probe and it will alter the design as needed to engrave. I used it to map the mag-well of a rifle. to do a wooden stock I would use some aluminum tape and touch off that, then remove tape and engrave.

there are several you tube videos on how to use Bcnc for this.