Carving Ice?

Hi, this is my first post on the forum. I have used my X-Carve quite a bit and am getting pretty decent with it. One thing that I have been really curious about is carving ice. I was wondering if anybody on here has tried it out, or if anybody has any tips or tricks.

I’m not sure what type of bit would be best, depths of cuts, feed rates, etc. Ice is a pretty hard material for an X-Carve, but I think with the right settings it might be possible. I wanted to see what your guys’ thoughts were before I do some test runs. Thanks!

Yes, I live in Minnesota and it’s supposed to be 20-30 degrees the next two weeks, so I’m planning on opening up the garage doors to let some cold air in. I’m going to do a test run tomorrow with some different bits and settings just running straight lines to see what works.

Seems to me like you’re going to have quite a mess on your hands.

throw a sheet of 5-10 mil plastic over wastebord… mdf+water =sad

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Chocolate is extremely soft. He should have been racing through that with a higher feed rate. That would have prevented the melting.

A better approach to chocolate design is to cut a reverse mold then melt the chocolate and pour it in.

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Take a little video, please. I would be curious to see how it goes.

Maybe hit it with a torch after to get a polished finish?

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Not an X Carve but completely possible.


My grandkids would LOVE little lego figures made from ice in their Kool-Aid!! :slight_smile: And multi-colored versions for their water! Way cool!!

That would be SO workable in my garage in late January here in my corner of the world.

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