Carving in a bowl

I’notsure how to go about this, I Have a 7" bowl cut 8mm deep I would like to put a carving in the bowl . I’m not sure how to go about it Do I start from the center of the bowl as my zero point and et the probe from the center.? Suggestions, Help?

Hi Sam. you can still use your left corner as xy origin. probe from the centre of bowl. please make sure that you set a save retract height in your advance machine settings. that would be the origin height. Mine is set to 50mm. i would also advise to set your safety height higher. I hope that would solve youe problem.

Thanks for your help and reassurance on how to go about carving in a bowl I just wasn’t sure . So it worked fine but I had my hand on the kill switch Just in case.Anyway thanks for your prompt response. It’s nice to know there are some who like to share their knowledge

Glad to be of assistance Sam. I am Glad that your project came out good. Please post a picture on how it looks and good luck.

I thank you again It was a trial to see how they would look, Think next time I will add some color

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Wow. That looks great. I will certainly give it a try…