Carving in the wrong location

I recently purchased a used x carve 750 from a friend, i bought a new X controller and set it up according to the directions on the website, everything connects and the machine Jogs in all the ways it should. I don’t have a z-probe but when i start my carves i zero the bit on the lower left, when it starts carving it goes to a completely different spot than its supposed to. Way up and to the left. I tried more than one carve and it was the same thing every-ti/me. I didnt mess around with any voltages or anythign internal on the x controller. What am i missing here? Any help is greatly appreciated!


When you command a 1" jog, is the actual travel also 1"?

When you zero, do you zero off the lower left corner of your material?
How if the design positioned relative to Easel grid?

Red arrow point to where Easel assume you have set work zero (Home position) so your design will be carved relative to that.

I havent check the jog distances yet, i guess i just assumed the computer knew what to do

Ive been setting the zeron on the lower left of the material!


The Xcarve and most other hobby CNC-machines do not provide positional feedback, so the computer/controller is clueless as to where the bit actually is - it assumes based on the used GRBL parameters for step/mm etc.

I dont get your image link to open.