Carving is good, but not align

Hi all, I bought a used xcarve, did a few things with it without a problem. But this is my first “big” project.

I wanted this on easel

but instead, i got this

what could be the problem?

I’m a bit pissed, it’s my second waste of the day, at first i thought the vacuum was the problem, but obviously, it was not.


Your machine is loosing steps (steppers not getting enough power probably)

Are you using the gshield or Inventables Xcontroller? I assume the ghsield…

yes Gshield, should I upgrade it, or is there another (cheaper) way to fix this issue?

Ensure everything is assembled well.
Slow down, decrease your depth of cut.

Initially make sure its dialed in right in terms of current limit, is is probably too high causing overtemp shutdown. Like Neil suggested, also go slower and less deep per cut as the current combination is too much.

The weak link is the Y-axis who share a single stepper driver and each Y-stepper only receieve 50% of the power available to X and Z (assuming identical current limit)

From what I can see, you lost steps when the XCarve attempted to carve the halo shape. It seems your design is outside the carvable area of the machine. The limits of the 1000mm XCarve are 750mm x 750mm (about 29.5 inches square). Check your design to see if you’re within this. If you are within this, then check that your workpiece is secured to your wasteboard within the reach of your machine. You can do this by jogging your machine all the way back and see how far the spindle reaches.