Carving is offset at second pass

I think I may be having issues with the box generator app. Or it might be the voronoi app. I am using the two apps together.
So I created a box and on two of the sides I wanted to put a voronoi patter in it. Got everything set up and went to carve. Things were looking good, cut the first pattern out then it went to the next stage and the machine started cutting below the X-axis, I guess it would be in negative y-axis. Luckily I was just running a test piece. So I started over. Went back to the same home position and it started cutting the first voronoi pattern in a different area.

So I thought something was wrong with my machine. So I did another test. Drew some simple square laid them out so I could measure them to see if they were off. Cut them and then measured and they were perfect.

So I went back and created a new box using the box generator, and the first two pieces over lapped.

They looked fine on the screen, but when I cut them, the above happened.
Not sure whats going on. Any ideas?

Hi @BrianWildman, that sounds like this problem:

Have you tried following the troubleshooting steps there?

@rodovich So I worked on it last night and went thought the troubleshooting steps. Come to find out that I don’t think I had enough current going to my Y-Axis. So I adjusted the current and ran a test with the box app and everything worked out. Now I will try my original project idea, a box with a voronoi pattern in it. I will keep you posted.