Carving Letters on top of each other

I designed a plaque in Easel, loaded the board, and opened Easel.
I downloaded the most recent drivers, loaded them, and exited Edge and came back into Easel.
I set the corner as home and started carving the name.
X-Carve started carving but carved all of the letters on top of each other.
When I stopped the carve using Easel it Homed 3 inches left and down from where I had homed it when starting.
Any ideas?
I restarted the computer and tried again.
It carved the first letter, started on the second and then jerked to the left like it hit a stop and started carving over the first letter.

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It sounds like your cnc is loosing steps. This could be a result of loose belts, loose set screws securing the pulley to the stepper, overly agreasive carve settings could also cause the motor itself to loose steps internally.

can you share your file? So one of us can look at it

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This was just the name part of the plaque.

I checked and adjusted the tension on the bands as suggested.

Then I did this.

X-Carve Video

At 1:19 it jerks to the left and then at 1:27 it jerks twice and starts carving over the previously carved letter.

At the end when I ended the carve you can see where it ended up “homing” to.

Im seeing a ton of wobble as the z axis moved up and down, youll want to adjust the eccentric nuts on the right hand side of the z axis, theres more info and a short video of this in the link above as well.

Youll want to also check and adjust the x and y eccentric nuts as well…

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I’ll look at that if I can get the other thing fixed…

Do they need to be tighter or looser to remove the wobble?

Theres like an offset hole, so the direction doesnt necessarily tighten or loosen, it could do either one depending on the position of the offset hole currently.

In the video it shows a full rotation in the same direction, showing the wheels moving closer and then further from the rails they’d ride on.

So its really more a “turn the appropriate direction as needed to get the v wheel close to tye rails, just close enough the wheel kisses the rail without really squeezing tightly against the rail” sort of procedure

How did you tension your belts? Did you use a fish scale? I cant remember my tension (lbs) but I pulled all to 1" at the same weight. Of course make sure your eccentric nuts are set properly first

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