Carving letters through 1.5 inch stock

I am running Easel Pro. I am trying to carve a name plate out of 1.5" square oak. I am cutting at a depth of .8 on each side. First cut goes OK, then I flip the text horizontally and when that cut is done, there is a little ridge at the bottom of the cut where the letters don’t exactly line up. I remember reading something in the past about having to do an offset for the letters to line up, anyone know what that offset is? Can’t get my caliper down in the hole to measure it. Thanks in advance!

If your flipping material how are you aligning the flip perfectly?
I’ve used the dowel alignment method, where I drill the down hole into the wasteboard and through the workpiece using the cnc itself…

Also can you share the easel project link?
Go to project>share and change to unlisted and copy that link

I have a jig I set up to align the work perfectly. here is the link…

Hey Wayne, I see the issue you’re having and yes, the offset technique will work.
I cover another technique as well as the offset one in this short clip…

The preview is showing grey, but the video plays correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally got some time to try this today, it is currently carving, I will let you know how it turns out.

I see how that centered the text much better, I can see why it was off. This will help me a LOT with quite a few of my other carves I do, centering text on boards. Thanks a bunch for the insight!

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