Carving numbers into square blocks

Hi folks. I have a number of 9cm square blocks that someone donated to me. I want to carve numbers into to use as large childrens toys.

Can someone guide me as to the best way to secure these to stop them moving.
I am using a fairly soft wood.
Cut depth about 4mm
Using a 1/8 bit…

Any help gratefully accepted.

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Create a 5cm high bumber corner that the blocks can be clamped onto.
I would carve the bumper with the corner as XY0 so I know the reference point match that of the block.

Insert block 1, zero Z, carve, take out 1 and insert 2, repeat :slight_smile:

Something like this -

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I’d make a fixture with a cam clamp or other De sta Co type clamp to contain the block, and use carpet tape to hold the blocks down.

Place a dog one in the corner as the bit would leave a fillet.

Be careful. With that height you may crash at the top of your Z travel if you are using a stock X Carve.

I was doing something similar for some chess boards I was making. I took a scrap piece of pine and hollowed out 6 squares (using dogbone corners) the exact size of the blocks I was cutting on. This also levels out all the blocks so they are the same height. Using the same .crv file, I then put the design I wanted to cut into the center of the square so I knew everything would be lined up. I ran into some issues with the blocks having a little wiggle to them so ended up using the masking tape/CA glue method of holding down.

I really like the solution that was done in the video Haldor posted and would probably modify what I did to use clamps that were marked so I could cut more than 1 at a time. Those straight line clamps good pretty good, too.

ThanksMark. Had a look at that today and have ripped the blocks to 7cm. Ian

Thanks Haldor. I like this idea and its good to have a video to reference to. Cheers Ian

You may consider riser plates for your machine. They are an in-expensive mod.

Inexpensive in the USA, shipping to UK is over $150!

With an X Carve you can make your own from 1/4 aluminum plate. Just use longer screws to insure engagement.

Look at my post…

Simple and it worked fine for the entire project.

And my grand son is crazy about them…

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this is my method for repetitive pieces.

Thanks Nic. I’ve been watching a few videos about using T-Track and clamps but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Ian