Carving off

I am enclosing pictures of carving result, seems to gotten off track.
s this a pulley adjustment problem, belt tension ??? It is almost diagonally aligned from bottom left to top right as to where the carve is off.

Hopefully someone has seen this before and can help out.

Thanks from a newbie


Check that the drive pulleys on the stepper motors are not loose / slipping. A common problem.

Thanks I will check that out

Potentiometers could be causing missed steps also. Check them.

Hi Brian,

Thanks that one confuses me, I get the belt and pully set screw, but if everything is working fine and all of a sudden the motors voltage changes can someone explain that.


The drivers may be set to work to hard, fine for colder days and shorter runs but may manifest itself “suddenly” on longer runs. You are doing a 3D carve which tax your driver board more than you would on a regular 2D carve.
Dust build-up up will insulate components making it more difficult to cool off rapidly.
Symptoms of such may be a sudden power loss on one of the axis for a brief period of time (untill it cools of and start working again)

Thermal overload protection. I forgot about that.

Thank you all for your comments and explanations, very helpful gives me items to inspect more frequently and put on maintenance schedule.

Thanks again