Carving on ABS

Hi, I’ve been asked to make some info plates on ABS type material, which is only 1.3mm thick. I’m loving the idea of the challenge in doing this, however I haven’t done anything so precise and small yet.
Is ABS (or similar) easy enough to carve? should my Makita router be running fast or slow, should feed rate be fast or slow, etc etc.
I’d assume that I would only be carving about 0.5mm deep in most cases?
I did get quite a few very tiny (thin) bits when I purchased my second hand X-Carve, and assume these would be what I would use?
I’m meeting with the client tonight so will have more of an idea of what they want, so if it’s OK with the forum, I’ll post an update later. :slight_smile:

The material makes a difference, but in general with plastic your feed should be fast. You need to avoid melting.

Yup. More details make it easier to help.


With very thin material, be sure that everything is flat. I would recommend surfacing your spoil board.

I have found out a little more, (although I am still waiting on the clients drawing) He would like the ABS or Acrylic 2 colour to be about 3mm thick, which does make life a little easier (I think). I am having a bit of trouble finding 3mm ABS or Acrylic (here in Australia) it must be available but I’m not confident in exactly what I’m looking for, having never done this before. I will find it.
The labels will be about 50mm x 25mm (approx) They are for an Audio Speaker Box (60 of them) and are to have 5 lines for attenuation marks, plus some writing (I think) and possibly the client logo? I did a test in Easel, and apparently it will take about 12 hours to complete, using a 1/32 bit and a 30degree vbit. I’m really looking forward to this challenge. I’ll keep you updated as I go. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

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