Carving on an oval shape piece of wood

I am carving a letter on an oval shaped cutting board. I cannot figure out how to make the easel show any shape but a square to put me design on. Therefore, when cutting on the oval I do not know how to start my carve and where to position my bit! Does this make any sense?

See if this does the trick

"The grid in Easel is a handy visual for lining up your design on a rectangle or square piece of material. But what if you have an oval shape material or want to ensure you are carving in the center of your material? Understanding work zero position and how to set it manually can help in either of these situations! "

Carving from the Center – Inventables (


Create a square or circle the long dimension of the oval and as narrow then use 0,0 at the center of the drawing. that should put it directly in the center of your oval. Make sure that in the CUT window, you place 0,0 in the center and change the X,Y values to 0,0. The image will slide down to the 0,0 area of the window so you will only see a portion of it. Set the bit at the center of the item and carve.

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