Carving on center line, not outside, inside or on path

Hi! My name is Fer from Argentina, first time here in the forum!

I have tried with no luck to carve over the line of my vector. The ¨on path¨ options gives me two different lines carved on the sides. The outside or inside options give me as their name says an outside or inside carving.
Is there a way to carve perfectly on center and in only one pass? I am working on aluminum, I need my project to be 0.2mm deep. I have set the machine to carve 0.2mm deep per pass and my bit size is 0.06mm.

I end with very thick lines, and I want a line only as thick as my bit. Any help?
Thanks! And excuse my english!

Here is the project:

Thanks for the reply, here is the link

First time, sorry , I shared and saved, it should open now

It is drawn with double lines.

I made it with inkscape and the vector have only one line. When I import it into easel it have two lines.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Phil!!! Solved!

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