Carving on Cupped Pine Board

Any suggestions on how to fix cupped pine board so I can carve on it? I’ve got about 24 feet of 1X10 in 6 feet sections that are cupped that I’d like to use to make signs.

you can get a spray bottle filled water, spray the cup side. will need to repeat as needed.

Here’s how I surface cupped boards on the CNC to make them flat and usable.
HOWEVER you’ll want to seal the board as soon as it’s actually carved to prevent additional movement after the carve.


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Should I place a weight on it after spraying?

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Na!! it won’t be necessary, this happened from a bad choice of how it stored.

one side dried out (cupped) more than the other. using this method will takes time.

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Thanks again. What’s the best way to store?

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