Carving out an angel

Hello all helpful forum members

Any one knows how to carve my angel
with raised lettering and edge


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Are you using Easel, or do you have VCarve or another 3rd party application?

Basically you will need to import this picture so you can convert the outline to vectors, then you can place the text.

If you send me the Easel file or STL file you are using for the angel, and the text and font you want to use, I think I can help you out.

Thank´s Robert
I keep that in mind.

Before I get in to the Aspire
I was thinking to do it in easel (if it´s possible.)


I have alredy done it in easel (with a small bit 0.72mm) but i was thinking to do it
like a 3d or close to 3d in esel.

Thank´s Phil for the hint

I will keep that in mind when I try

Good morning bty (local time 6.35 Am)

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Good Night Sir :grinning:

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