Carving past Y0 Home position

Finally got my X-Carve set up, everything seemed to be working fine. Went through the Easel set up and everything went great. I decided to run a quick test with a sharpie attached and after the home position is set, my machine “carves” past the Y0 position. Narrowly avoiding crashing my Y-gantry, I set the machine to zero again (well into the centre of the machine as to avoid any crashing) and the same thing keeps happening.

The dark horizontal line is Y0 and you can see the circle (which is supposed to be above the line) is fairly below the Y0.

HERE is the link to the Easel project (the circle is set to a 0.01mm depth).

During set up I had homing enabled and the home sequence did work, but then this issue came up so I went back through the set up and disabled the homing, which didn’t solve the issue.

I was running Easel in Safari on my MacBook Pro.

P.S. it seems that if you exit out of your Easel tab and then go back into your project, in the carve menu your step interval units get set back to inches, which was just about really bad when i wanted to advance 2mm and instead got 2in!

Could this be a belt slippage problem? I didn’t notice them slipping when it was running, not sure if that’s what I should be watching for.

When it rapids to the start position it seems to just not go far enough out. It seems to rapid in the X-direction to the appropriate location just doesn’t go far enough in the Y.

I think I got this figured, I loosened off all my eccentric v-wheels and re-tensioned the belts. Although I don’t think my belts were slipping, I added heat shrink and put a mark on the belt to monitor if they do actually slip in the future.

I think what my issue ended up being was over tightened eccentric v-wheels and over tightened belting. I guess I just got over excited while setting up my machine!

I haven’t run an actually carve yet, but I’ll update this thread once I have!

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You might want to bump up the voltage of your Y axis on the gshield. I think I turned the dial an additional 45 degrees clockwise, and in addition to making sure my v-wheels weren’t too tight, that finally got things dialed in. I ran my machine for a couple of hours last night, and the Y motors were barely warm.

Nice, thanks I will have to do that when I get home. I think I’ll be re-mounting my g-shield/arduino into a seperate enclosure to make it more accessible in the future.

I really like how @DavidWestley mounted his power supply and g-shield HERE.