Carving Path

Hey guys, I noticed today that in easel the file started carving the outer path first and anything inside the cut was done last. I used tabs on my cut but not enough to prevent the material from coming loose and causing damage to what I was cutting. Is this something new on easel? Is there a setting I can change to make it carve the inner stuff first?

I agree that separate work spaces is the best way to go. Before Easel introduced “work-spaces” I used to set outline depth to zero, run the job then go back and set the outline to full depth.
THAT BEING SAID, I’ve seen several posts regarding the order of cut just today. I believe Inventables changed something.

Hi @RichDavenport,

Thanks for reporting this issue with the cut ordering. We’ve identified the cause and released a fix, so now it should carve the inner stuff first.


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