Carving Problem

I’ve had my x carve for approximately one week now and it’s still yet to complete a project without stopping.I have tried different computers but the result the same. I have contacted Inventables customer service twice now but to date no reply. So at the moment this man from the UK is not very impressed with the x carve or the company. Steve.

Machine starts to carve then for no reason stops. Not all ways iatrogenic the same point. It could be 80%complete or 10%.running it on windows 10.

Do you need to reconnect the USB port on your computer to the X-Carve after it stops or can you jog it after a stop without needing to reconnect?

Need to re connect or close program. Then start again.

So, the reason it is stopping is because it is dropping the USB connection. This could be due to a bad USB cable or most likely it is due to your computer not providing enough voltage on the USB port. If you have a powered USB hub, you should try that and see if it fixes your problem.

Thankyou all for you help and advice. Steve

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Will do Phil

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I had this same issue. I swapped my USB cable and it resolved the issue.

I’ve just purchased a braided usb cable. Had a reply from inventables suggest plugging cable into pcb board just tried that made no difference. I have just noticed that My green light on controller and the button switches are not working. Sent picks to HQ. Steve

Sounds like the emergency stop button is depressed…that has been an issue in the past as well.

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Don’t forget to check Grbl Shield and Arduino connection. Push it down firmly, most of us used rubber pad between shield and fan plate.

Quick update braided usb cable seems to have solved my problem. I’ve tried 3 projects today with complete success.
Thankyou All Steve.


I’m afraid to say my x carve is back to its old tricks. Not finished anything today.
I’ve been in contact with Inventables seems that I might have a faulty controller.
They are going to call me back tomorrow to try to resolve the problem. I’ll update you then. Steve

I’m pleased to report x carve all work well. After my first thoughts about Inventables support. They have been brilliant at helping mr sort my problem. You don’t get that standard of customer service much these days. Fantastic support thankyou.

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