Carving unevenly

For some reason, when carving in the Y+ direction, my X-Carve cuts deeper than the other directions. The endmill makes a sort of chattering noise, and digs in. This only happens in that direction. It seems to get more pronounced with greater speed or DOC.

with a 1/4" endmill, at 50 IPM, and .08 DOC. It is really pronounced. At .04 DOC it is much less noticeable, but still there.

Ive checked everything for square, and as far as I can tell, the endmill rides square to the surface. I’ll have to check it again when I get out there tomorrow, but I couldn’t find anything loose or out of line.

Has anyone else had this happen?

First check that you waste board is perfectly level thats usually the issue, if not check that your y axis is level (use a level don’t do it by eye

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I have a piece of wood on top of my waste board that I have milled flat and true to both the X and Y axes. That’s what I use as my base for mounting my work. That should be good, but I will have a look at it as well, thanks.

I hadn’t thought of the wheels on the end plates. I’ll have to look at that.

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I am having the same issue.
What I notice is that the y axis rails are not at the same height from the waste board.
what I plan on doing is getting a block cut to a specific height and use it to tighten the y end plates t-slot fasteners so its at a specific height for each end. This way the x gantry will be level across. When assembling it I did not have a level surface for putting it together. So I will have to use the block as a measurement device.

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My issue with it was due to the little bolt holder slide in pieces were not 100% centered in the rail. Made it so I was roughly 1/8th a inch off.

Micrometer from harbor freight solved my issue now it’s within a 32nd of a inch. Just mic everything. Mine was where the angle brackets on the one side was off by a 8th.

Made a huge improvement checking it.

Best of luck.

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What is the bold holder slide?
Where is that?
Can you take a photo please.

the little silver piece you slide into the extrusion part.

these things ^^^ they were offset on mine so it would allow for some slop when assembling (had no flat surface and was fun to find)

It’s how I did mine but it had slop in the channel. Allowed the plates to shift. Is the only input I can share in trying to get it square