Carving with detail bit

When you have a tool path for “bit” and a tool path for “detail bit” selected, you end up with two distinct cuts. is there a way to only select the detail bit tool path without selecting the bit tool path first? i want to skip the over the bit tool path because the depth of the “bit” will be accomplished in a different carve. the selected circle will be cut down on the compass carve to .1"

the second carve id like to do is v carve the letters raised but i don’t require the v bit to cut the already trimmed .1 area, but i do require the v bit to start cutting at .1 instead of 0.

i hope this is clear enough, really my only issue is that i don’t want it to take 6 hours for that v bit to clear out that .1 area with its already cut down.
any suggestions?
thanks in advanced

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You could change these to 0 and 0.125 you’d need to z zero at this level 0.1 below the original surface, you’d also want to set safe z 0.1 higher than normal possibly.

I do something similar when making these trays, i pocket the dish part with an endmill then engrave down into the bottom and easel doesn’t like this so i trick it in basically the same way. How to use Easel CNC Software to carve this catch all tray - YouTube

there is an option to select the detail pass once i went to carve it… im an idiot.

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