Carving without Easel or Computer?

Is UGS the best way to run g-code to the XController without having to use Easel? Really hate having to rely on a constant wifi connection or a web browser.

Is there a way to run the machine without a computer hooked up to it? Not a fan of having to keep my nice MacBook Pro in the garage for several hours to run a project. Yes, I could get a cheap computer but that comes with other associated costs and would really like to move away from a computer tethered to this thing all together. Any ideas welcomed.

It’s also super frustrating when Easel stops 37% through a carve with no way to restart where it left off. I mean, the entire code is loaded into Easel, and Easel pushes it out to the Xcontroller…but it can’t figure out where it left off even though it has all the data there? Crazy.

Rant over. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: