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I am new in the worderfull world of carving and i am trying to do something like in the picture for the weeding of my daugther.

Is there a font better to do it

have you any advice

those are very detailed and with the blackened edges they appear to have been cut with a laser, most likely a co2 style.

You could carve them on a CNC, however due to the nature of a round cutting but you will loose some detail unless the names are made a bit larger.

Another option would be to Carve the names rather than cut them, and if you Carve with a V-Bit you can still get excellent detail.

In order to do a cut out like your photo you would want to make sure to select “outside the path” as your cut type.
If you wanted to V-Bit carve the names into a board you would want to use the cut type of “clear out a pocket”

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You could do it with any font really by placing a font object on your workpiece and then sending it through the Xploder app. This will generate vector shapes for each character that is not already connected to another. Where letters are connected, only one object would be generated for that. What you want in this case is for all characters to be touching one another (or at least close enough for Easel to not generate toolpaths between them because the bit would be too large to get there) that way the entire name comes out as one piece.

Or, you can use a connected font similar to Great Vibes in the Lucida font family. There will always be cases where characters are just not connected. For instance, in the word “Text” you will find that the first “T” is not really connected in fonts. This is typical of cursive fonts…

Choose a font that you like, start a project, and if you have trouble getting the design to look like you want it to in the preview feel free to post again and someone will most likely give you some gentle nudgings in the right direction to get Easel to do exactly what you want.

Another thing to try and find would be a suitable font where all of the characters’ bottoms are at the same level if you are wanting them to stand upright. Otherwise, you could always add a solid bar at the bottom like the third workpiece in my example.

I might be persuaded to help set it up from start to finish if you have a list of names.


Brandon Parker

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