Carvus Interruptus

I’ve had my machine for a couple of years now, but suddenly this week it stopped carving part way through the process. The whole machine would stop, and the spindle would just stay there (not return home), while the finished carving message would come up on screen.

At first I thought it might be something wrong with the G code I had imported, so I tried a different file. I thought maybe it was power interference, so I unplugged everything else (including dust extraction). Then finally I ran an air carve with the spindle off, and it worked perfectly multiple times.

When I turned the spindle back on, it ran for about 15 or 20 minutes, then sent itself home. It never carved past the previous point of failure, after testing again 3 times.

So the only things that were powered on were the computer, the X Controller, and the motors of the X Carve.

Thing is, this setup has been running successfully for years, so why is it being sensitive to the spindle being on all of a sudden?

Does anyone have a similar issue, or even better, a fix?

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Have you checked the router brushes?

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Hi Haldor! No, I haven’t. Do they affect the X Controller somehow if they wear out?

When the bushes are worn down they spark a lot more causing increased and highly spiked RF noise which the USB-connection between the PC/Xcontroller can pick up.
When it drops out, the machine halts and think its done.

Re-routing the USB cable away from power wires is also good practise.


My USB is completely separated from power wires, and I replaced it last week also, just to be safe.

If the brushes are worn down would I hear it? My router still sounds the same. Also, would I smell it? My CNC is in an enclosed cabinet, but I haven’t smelled anything odd. Just checking, because I’m nervous about pulling my router apart to look at the actual brushes.

I have changed mine before and i don’t think i heard anything different it just stopped. No noticable small either. Changing the brushes is pretty simple if you have them. PawPaws got a good video on how to change them. Does not take long at all.


I saw his video, and now I have my brushes out. They’re worn down almost to the cable! Unfortunately I live in Australia, so a replacement set costs $50. :disappointed_relieved:

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I think you found the problem. Good luck.