Catastrophe carving

Ok so a new question.

I create a project in Easel. Select wood thickness. 3/4” so 0.75. Got it. Set material dimensions. Got it. Now I select my bit. Whether I select a straight cut bit or a 60V bit it will only cut so deep no matter what I set the cut depth at. WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IS IT DOING THIS. It’s every time. Whether I try to cut something intricate or a simple hole in the board. Yes a v-bit isn’t for cutting all the way through wood but if you’ve set your depth to cut through the board shouldn’t it “try” and do that regardless of bit type.

Also should the shank of your bit be all the way inside of your collett or does it matter how much is inside?

I have had this machine for a WEEK and have not made one successful cut.

My friend came over. Plugged his laptop in. Loaded up Aspire and design a simple text to cut. Worked perfectly.

I’m seriously at a Loss…

Sounds like you Z zero isnt where your machine think it is.

Post a screenshot of your Easel Preview and a pic of your material on the CNC, with the tip of the bit at your intended work zero. Without a little more information we are basically guessing :wink:

No. When you select a V-bit, you’re saying you want to v-carve. The bit will only go as deep as it needs to to match the design at the surface of the workpiece. If it goes deeper, the design would be wider.

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