Categories vs. latest post layout

Does anyone have an opinion about what the default view should be when you come to the forum? It lets you configure it so that you can either see the “Category” view, which I think is best for newcomers because it shows them an overview of what this forum is about, or you can view the latest/unread/top/new which are all just lists of posts. That would be better for people who hang around the forum (most likely “latest”). It doesn’t seem to be configurable on a per-user basis (someone correct me if I’m wrong about that) so we should all agree on something.

For reference, here are a few screenshots:

Category view

Sub category

Topic view

The current layout works fine for me. I usually click into “New” or “Unread” to get to posts I might not have seen before. Navigating is easy as is.


I like it the way it is too!

My link is to All/Latest, so…

I believe it is good like it is!!

I prefer the “topic view” format.

I’ve just bookmarked the latest page that constantly refreshes with updates for me without needing to hit F5 all the time.

works for me the way it is… change isn’t always a good thing, just look at microsoft and win 8.0!

That is a great solution if you prefer the topic view.