Cedar Carving

What ipm do you use for cedar? It is not one of the woods that you can pick from. I am new to Easel and just set up my Xcarve this week. I didn’t think it would take so long for some very small projects but I don’t want to push it too fast and start breaking things.

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Depends a little bit on the bit diameter and wether you want to carve pockets, outlines or reliefs :slight_smile:

Every machine will cut differently, depending on the calibration and machine state, I stiffened my rails so I can be more aggressive than someone who has not. With that and good quality bits you can increase your feeds and speeds on some materials. BUT I have cut a lot of projects so I slowly increased over time to get to what I typically run

If you’re carving wood and just learning, I think the soft and hard maple options give you a good starting point.

For cedar, soft maple of course.

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Thanks,that’s kind of what I figured.

I just found out how big a difference 1/8 and 1/4 were time wise .

Yeah, as the stepover is based on percentage of specified bit diameter the diameter used have great impact - especially on pockets and large clearing operations :slight_smile:

Its also possible to increase stepover % provided you know the machine can handle it.

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