Cenoz CNC 3018 pro going off path

Hi! I have a Cenoz CNC 3018 pro and with every design I have it’s starting good, but after the first layer the machine goes off path. Does anybody know how I can fix it? It’s birch plywood. Many Thanks!

You are loosing steps, possible reasons are many :frowning:

The main cause could be that the cutting forces exceed the capability of your system.
You may have problems electronically
You may have problems with mechanical aspects of the machine
It may have inproper microstep settings, max feedrate or acceleration values
It may have incorrect step/mm values for X/Y/Z axis
What bit did you use?
What RPM?

Do you use Easel?
If so, please share the project so we can take a look.
File-Share-Share Publicly-copy URL and click Save.
Post URL here.

Thank you for the reply.

Here’s the link to my project: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/iaIYjUsWk7jHlG1Kmmkzjg

I’m using a 1/8inch bit at 1000rpm. It happens with different kinds of wood. I’ve reassembled the entire machine to make sure it was assembled correctly.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

1000 rpms is quite slow. I suggest 8000 at a minimum for 1/8" bit.
Your other settings seem appropriate, however I am not familiar with your machines capability.
Also that one image looks like your stepover exceeds the width of the bit.

What kind of bit specifically, got an image or URL for it?
1000rpm is super slow, typo?

Sorry! Typo. It’s set at 12000.

These are the bits I tried:bits

Those are totally unsuitable for CNC’ing in wood :scream:
They are burr bits and usable for hand carving wood/plastics/ceramics but no good for a CNC.

Better options shown here:

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