Center hole aligned and perimeter holes perfectly spaced in easel

Hi, trying to cut two circles out of wood with center hole in exact center, and one hundred holes around outside edge of circle, is there a way in easel to lay these out exactly?

Use the Radial Array tool in Apps. Draw a single circle the size you need the 100 holes to be and then use the array tool to duplicate and place it in a circle. IN the app set the size of the outside circle and set the shape count to 25 (Easel will do 30 max but 25 makes the math easier). Create the 25 in the circle.

Then go back to the original circle and repeat the process BUT without de-selecting it go to the “Shape” box and enter 3.6 degrees in the Rotation box.

Now select the original circle again and repeat the process but this time rotate it 7.2 degrees. Do it again and rotate that group of 25 circles 10.8 degrees. Each time you need to add 3.6 degrees.

You should then have the 100 circles evenly spaced in a circle. Now Combine them (do not include the original circle). Now draw a circle the size you want for the center and use Easel’s centering tools to place it dead center.

Why 3.6 degrees? 360 divided by 25 = 14.4 degrees this is the spacing of the first set of 25 circles. But you need 3 more sets or 4 total. Divide 14.4 by 4 and that yields 3.6 degrees between each set.

thank you! I notice tho the app is not available in easel to me? perhaps I need to ask inventables IDK. BUT assuming I get my hands on I left off one part, I need to specify the diamater of the holes around the border of circle, and a thcker diameter for center hole. This is because a certain size dowel is going through all these holes (smaller ones on the outer edge, a large one though the middle). Is this possible to specify diameter of holes as well as placement with this app? If so I will ask inventables how I can access it.

Thank you for your help answering my question, very kind of you!

Not sure why you can’t access it - I thought it was open to everyone. But yes you can specify all the perimeters. If you want to give them to me I will give it a whirl.

thank you! I definitely don’t have access to that app in easel, perhaps I’m too new or something but I will ask them. Yes though, if you don’t mind that would be great!

here are the specs: the circle in diameter will be 30 inches, with a hole in the center for a 1" axle to fit through, and 100 holes around the perimeter, 1 inch away from the edge with each having 1/4" diameter, thank you for trying this!

Here it is. One thing that might be wrong is the “center” of the outside 1/4" circles are 1" from the 30" inner circle. If you needed the “edge” of the 1/4" circles 1" from the inner circle just let me know and I can rearrange.

BTW - 1/4" circles are all combined into one item. Other elements are individual.

Hi Ray, this looks great! But I think unless I am looking at it wrong, the outer circle is inside the 100 holes? If so I explained it wrong, I am trying to cut a circle, that has the 100 hole inside the outer circle line, does that make sense? So the outermost cut would be the circle 30 inches across in diameter, with the 100 holes 1/4 inches inside, are a circle of 100 holes 29.75 inches in diameter

Not trying to raise the dead, but this article is the top search result.
You can now enter a number as to how many you want in the array. So even though the slider only goes to 30, you can type in 100 and it will work.