Center of Model for 3d prject

Looking for a way to use the center of the 3d model for center instead of the lower left corner. I am trying to cut some gears and it is just a pain to have to cut from the bottom left.

Any ideas?

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X 0, Y 0

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3d project, not 2d.
But thanks for replying.

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For the 3D Workspace:
X and Y divided by 2 and a negative tossed in the front of that …
Here my Model was 7.2" x7.2" so my lower left corner needed to move to -3.6,-3.6 and that makes the origin right there at 0,0.

And @Ken4
The same day they released 3d to all Easel Pro users they also pushed a few updates for the 2.5D Workspace including this one to simplify the Center 0,0 process (and show the whole thing in the preview side instead of 3/4 of it being off in space)

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2D or 2.5D is the same, do the math


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