Center of through letters jams the X-Carve

I have ruined several signs when the center of A’s, B’s, D’s etc have come loose and jammed the X-Carve and ruined the sign. Any ideas on the loose center section not to jam up?

Ignored … My first thought was that he was cutting the “center” of the letter out and that was getting stuck and causing issues. The opposite of what you show Phil.

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This was a sign I made several weeks ago. I was able to grab the “islands” with tweezers then with no problem in the W6SFG area. Today I was doing one with WA4KK and the bottom of the A jammed before I could remove it. My X-Carve caught the piece, jammed and went to the left through the letter. I was not using tabs for the through part. I was wondering if I put double-sided tape on the back. I like the tab idea best. Thanks for all of the answers.

I have used double sided tape. Works most of the time. Better solution I think is to pocket cut them as mentioned previously. Also fun fact the hole in a letter everyone is referring to as an “island” is actually called a counter.

You could try the masking tape and super glue method. Works good for me small lettering that is fragile where tabs are a pita. I also pocket cut the islands two stage carve with a larger bit to blow through pockets quick then go fine bit for the cut out and detail work but I did all the small lettering on this with masking tape super glue method