Centering a pocket

I am new to the forum and have only had minor problems so far. My problem now is when I carve a pocket design I have noticed that the pocket is 1/16 off to the right. The pock is centered on my design but when cutting I am finding that the end result is the left side from top of pocket to outer edge is 1/8 wider then the right side. I think i am correct in thinking this is a 1/16 problem not 1/8. Does any one know if this is a calibration issue or do i just need to home my cuts and just nudge over a 1/16 before I cut.Thanks in advance for any help, I have read many answers and have solved most problems that way but this one has me a little stumped. Oh I am using Vetric VCarve for making tool paths if that may be the problem.

To rule out the possibility could you try a simple pocket designed in Easel, so that the entire workflow is within Easel?

If the machine had a lot of backlash or weak assembly a pocket would be cut undersized, but still centered.

Have you calibrated your steps per mm like this?

Haldor I have tried in easel and got the same result, I think I know what the problem may be, as in me. I thought that to home the machine I would put the tip of the bit on the bottom corner edge of the wood. It seems that I am off on the right side like I said and on the top. So I am thinking I have to home with the bit being a .125 end mill half off left side and bottom. This would give me what I am missing. I do not know if that is the norm but I will try it in the morning and see if that fixes my problem. Robert no I have not calibrated and know I should do this and will. Thank you both for helping.

The center of the bit is your zero reference. So, yes, with .125" end mill, or any other, you’ll have half of the diameter hanging off the left and front.