Centering drill holes

I do my layouts in my DCAD program as I am used to it, then export the files into Easel as DXF. This particular file
is a series of drilled holes. My procedure was to get the coordinates for the holes in my program by selecting them
in Easel, noting the listed coordinates,then bringing up the “drill” icon and setting it’s coordinates to match. Half the time it centers on the holes,half the time it doesn’t, It can be off 2-3mm. Any suggesions appreciated.

For anyone interested, my problem turned out to be the X,Y positioning chart for “drill” points rounds off to the nearest
whole number. If, as I did, the hole location on the imported dxf file was X=25.7mm and Y= 40.8mm the drill point will be set at X=26mm and Y=40mm respectively.