Centering on A Circle with Easel - one little trick

This is a new-to-me solution and a search of the forum didn’t turn up anything similar …

I was carving the Mayan Calendar that’s in the projects section into a 15 inch pine round and was having trouble figuring out where to start the carve so it would center perfectly.

The center of the wooden circle is easy to find and jogging the bit to be at that point was also easy. But how to center the design perfectly in Easel?

It’s as easy as setting the workspace area to be 0 x 0 and then using the “Center to Material” function at the bottom of the Edit menu.

The real trick is that Easel does NOT want you to create a workspace that is 0 x 0 but you can trick it by setting the material size to be .0001" x .0001" and it then defaults to zeros.


Thanks for the assistance. I was just looking on how to do this and found this post. How do you change your workspace?

Machine— work space

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Go in the shapes tab. Put the center point of your circle at 0,0. set your home position at the center of your material

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Patrick gave a good way to do it, as well. Very cool and I guess easier! I should use that Shape feature more often.

If by “workspace” you mean the size of your piece of wood (which is how I was using the term in my post), then that is changed in the ribbon below the carve button. Just to the left of where you set your bit size.

This video from Paw Paw is very useful and be sure to watch some of his others. I always learn something.

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Try this method. Here’s a video

I use this method all the time and have shown it in a number of my videos. It works great


That is what is great about this community. Always help when you need it. Thanks again. BTW I just found Paw Paw and have learned a few things from him already.

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Phillip, thank you for your videos. I have learned just as much from you as from Easel Live videos. Thank you for what you put out.