Centering text in a pocket

I am making coasters which are 3.5 inches in diameter. I make the pocket 1/8 inch deep. I put four of them on the workspace and click the tab to center them. I have been unable to center the initial in the pocket when I used the centering tab from the drop-down menu. How do I center an initial in the bottom of the pocket?

If you want to put the same initial in each coaster I would draw 1 coaster out and put the initial in it and then copy and paste as many as you need. If you already have the 4 coasters laid out i don’t think you can use the center to material it will put the initial in the middle of the board.

You are most likely running into the issue of not being able to “center” a letter because text objects are not always equally spaced within their bounding box. This is very much true for the cursive styles texts …

Try sending the single letter through the Exploder App. I have had some success getting a usable object out of that which will align properly.


Brandon Parker