CH340 Serial support

I have been searching the forum for the CH340/341 serial chip which is on many UNO clone boards out there. I just happened to purchase such a clone board for my machine this time. From the previous posts and my experience it does not seem like there is support for this serial chip? I have installed the newest GRBL and version 3.4 of the usb-serial driver on two different machines running windows, without any luck…
Are there anyone out there that have managed to get these clones working with Easel? or do I really have to throw it away and buy an original UNO?

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You have to find the CH340 serial controller/port drivers. I honestly threw mine out because the process of installing those drivers was such a pain. It’s worth a shot, though.

It was easy enough to find the drivers. I have also used other software such as GRBL Panel and gcode-sender. But Easel won’t work… And I don’t see why

Can you upload and run a blinky sketch on pin 13?

Yes if I flash it with the Arduino bootloader once again I can… I can use the Uno just like any ordinary Uno and also with GRBL on gcode-sender and GRBL panel. So nothing is wrong with the board or the firmware (I have tried cutting out pieces using gcode-sender without problems). It is just easel that doesnt seem to support the board. So I just wan’t to know if it is really the case that it doesn’t. I like the micro-usb port and my cnc design doesn’t allow me to use a bigger usb connector like on the genuine Uno…

Soo… I guess no one got succes with the Uno clone boards and easel…? Then it must be grblpanel instead. Or do any of you have another good alternative to easel?

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The problem is a limitation in the automatic port detection in Easel. They’ve implemented a workaround for them now. I just hooked mine up to test it, and it does work. Just be sure to have the appropriate version of GRBL installed.

What you have to do is click the blue carve button up top of the Easel page. On the popup screen there will be a check box to manually enter the COM port number. Check that box, enter the port number, and click “OK”. The carve button should turn green after a few seconds, and you will be good to go.

I’ve also had good luck using UGS with these boards as well.

Nice. It must have been added very recently, since it wasn’t an option just a week ago :slight_smile: thanks for the info! I will try it out asap.

Best regards Nic