Chair that fits on X-Carve

When we were building the Rockler displays one of the projects was this chair.

We have it in our lobby for people to sit on. You can open the files here to check it out in Easel


Very cool… I will give it a try. I think I will use plywood as i think the layers will look neat.

Yes, that one is full size.

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Too bad it will only fit the 1000mm machine.
I have the 750mm, and I was able to re-orient most of the parts to fit the workspace in easel, except for the legs. Scaling it down would just make it an unusable size, I think.
I would have loved to make a couple of these.

You could scale it down to fit a little kid.

yeah, I thought about that. I’ll give one a go

You could also “Break” the legs in to 2 pieces. Then you could make a sort of tab to lock the parts back together.

I would like to try this, but i do have a question about the easel file. The parts labeled 2 have open slots at the top. What is that for and why is it not a closed contour?

I don’t recall ever stating I bought my machine to build furniture, but thanks for your input.
I’m well aware of the limitations of my machine