Change bit type and size

When I carve signs, and try to change the type of bit, the system tells me to use the 60 degree bit. I tried to just use the 1/8 bit and got a terrible finish on the project. but change to the 60 degree, got a terrible cut and a lot of tear out.

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What type of bit are you trying to use?

Can you share the project?


Brandon Parker

I have tried to us the 1/8" Up ", all I got after selecting the bit was dots on the detail page, I changed back to the 60 degree V-grove and then I got the detail of the image and the simulation

I have even tried to change the size of the image, but nothing lets me change the bit size. Sometimes I like to use other bits except the V-grove bits.

If you are not seeing toolpaths in a design where things should be carved, your bit size is likely too large to get into those areas of the design. A V-Bit will make very intricate designs since the tip is either extremely small or an absolute point.

When you want to change the bit, simply select the β€œBit:” section on the top right of Easel and choose which one you want to use.

Note that using a bit other than the one you have selected (i.e. Endmill vs. V-Bit) will result in toolpaths for the selected bit being generated. When cut with a different bit than selected, you will get unexpected results, because the toolpaths being run are not meant for that bit.

The design you show is probably best carved using V-Carving functionality of Easel unless you have a very small Endmill and want to (most likely) sacrifice it.

Also, when using a V-Bit, you need to ensure that the V-Bit angle is correct, and you need to set the V-Bit stepover correctly (normally the default is OK for most bits).


Brandon Parker