Change Drill Hole Size

Perhaps basic question but search didn’t turn up any answers. I want to use the drill function but would like to be able to control the size of the hole. If I use a quarter inch bit, I know I’ll get a quarter inch hole. But what if I need the hole size to be .375 instead of .250. Is there a way to set that?

If you use the Drill function, the toolpath plunges straight up and down, so installing a 0.25" bit would generate a 0.25" hole.

IF you want to make a larger hole, then use the Circle Shape and set the Cut Type to “clear out a pocket” and then you can create a hole larger than 0.25" using a 0.25" (or smaller) bit… aka the scenario you laid out would work perfectly using a Circle Shape…

Thank you. Not sure why I think the drill function is better than the circle. Can accomplish the same thing, Maybe the cross hairs make me think it’s more accurate?

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