Change file name when importing g-code


I use Easel only as a g-code sender (use V-Carve for design) and I much prefer it to any of the other g-code senders - much more simple to use and STOP means stop!!

If I start a new instance of Easel and import a file, the name shows up as of the file I imported, however any subsequent imports do not change the name.

Someone had suggested that I can change the name manually, but this is a pain and I believe totally unneccesary if Easel just reflected the name of the last file opened.

The issue really stood out for me last week when I was cutting concentric circles and had 5 in varying diameters. Being all the same shape and varying in size by .125" meant that it was hard to look at the preview and see which one I was on - yes, I ended up making a note but don’t think that you should have to do that.

Can you please look into this?



If you are doing this all within the same window of your browser, then easel is assuming they are all the same project. This is a normal condition.

When you open a new instance of easel and then import, easel takes that file name as the project name.

If you want it to do the same on subsequent imports, you should first tell easel to open a new project, then import the next file.